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Tim’s Newest Release for Home and Garden: River Mates

The strength of River Mates is seen through the combinations of shapes, lines, textures and the overall design. They work together to create a sculpture that is unified, balanced and creates a strong feeling of unity with nature. The suggested forward movement is representative of the future and the connection all things have with Mother Nature. I believe, in our behavior, we must make commitments to protect and care for the natural environment. The connection between all creatures and a symbiotic existence is exemplified through River Mates.

Great Blue Heron, Turtle, Fish
Bronze, Edition of 18

Teaching at Buchanan Elementary School

TEACHING…Last week Tim had the pleasure of teaching kindergarten through grade 3 at our local Buchanan Elementary School.  We are so very fortunate and blessed to have a strong art program in our schools, as well as an amazing group of passionate educators.  After 2 days, 16 classes and a total of 680 kids. “Exhausted,” had … Continued

OWL MOON and Spring in the Ozarks

See Tim’s most recent newsletter, read about Owl Moon, Tim’s newest sculpture. The Endangered list is also included. Don’t miss out on your favorite sculptures.

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