From East to West

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11"L x 17"H x 7"W
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Artist's Statement

“From East to West.”

In eastern philosophies Ganesha is a symbol of new beginnings, wisdom, prosperity and the remover of obstacles in life. He’s meant to show us the pathway to happiness, inner peace and success. 

His large belly represents the universe that is being held together by the snake belt, which is the energy holding the universe together. His upper right hand holds a lotus bloom for enlightenment. His upper left hand holds prayer beads for spiritual contemplation.  Lower right position is welcoming, blessings and protection. Lower left is holding sweets representing the rewards of a wise life.

Ganesha has always intrigued me as I’ve wanted to sculpt this eastern subject matter in my own western voice, vision and style. Hence the name from “From East to West.”

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Tim Cherry