Mother Goose

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32"L x 19"H x 20"W
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Artist's Statement

Mother Goose “Mother Goose” was commissioned for placement in the Discovery Garden at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. I wanted to create a design that had a strong maternal feeling–comforting and protective for the children and families. “Mother Goose”, according to the fables, was the author of many nursery rhymes and stories meant to soothe children. She is often depicted as a woman but is sometimes depicted as a goose. I like the interpretation of her as a goose because it allows for me to explore the idea of “Mother Goose” as a mother herself, guarding her golden eggs. I used gold leaf for the eggs as a symbol of how valuable and precious each child is. Even when her children are grown, a mother will always see them as her precious babies and will care for them until the very end. The majestic cover of the goose’s wing sweeps over like a blanket, protecting and comforting her young. I hope that this sculpture will resonate on a personal level and invoke moments of reflection and thankfulness for the beauty that is motherhood.

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Tim Cherry