Shade Tree

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34"L x 21"H x 4"W
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Artist's Statement

Experimenting with Cast Bronze and Fabricated Steel in Sculpture Design!
I’m so excited to share my latest sculptural work that combines the classic elegance of cast bronze with the modern flair of fabricated steel! As an artist, I’ve always been drawn to the interplay of different materials and the way they can create unexpected and visually captivating compositions.

In this piece, I’ve taken a traditional sculptural subject – a squirrel perched on a branch – and given it a fresh, dynamic twist. By incorporating a sleek, geometric frame into the design, I’ve been able to achieve a sense of suspension and airiness that breathes new life into the classic form.

The negative space around and within the sculpture has become just as important as the positive forms, creating a beautiful, intricate silhouette that draws the eye in. And the addition of gold leaf on the stylized leaves gives the whole piece an art deco-inspired touch that I absolutely love.

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Tim Cherry