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Now Showing: Extinct Sculptures

These sculptures are no longer available.

Arctic Wrap


River Run

Wise Guy

Wise Guy (monumental)

Winters Wrap

Pika Pull

Stag Leap


Scratch and Balance

Seal Watcher

Hare Ball

Royal Red Large


Squirrel Scratch

Stag Leap (monumental)

Squirrel Knot

Sentry Duck

Salmon Circle

Rabbit Reach

Quail Cover

Puma Poise

Prairie Monarch

Pond Puddler

Over The Falls

Mountain Run (monumental)

Moose Hide

Lean – To

High Jump

Happy Goat Lucky

Fish Hook

Field Mouse

Curious Wren

Catch of the Day

The Gatherer

Otter Knot

Long Hare

Flat Fawn


Bearly Balanced

Fish Dish

Cotton Ball

Tim Cherry