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Tim’s Newest Release for Home and Garden: River Mates

The strength of River Mates is seen through the combinations of shapes, lines, textures and the overall design. They work together to create a sculpture that is unified, balanced and creates a strong feeling of unity with nature. The suggested forward movement is representative of the future and the connection all things have with Mother Nature. I believe, in our behavior, we must make commitments to protect and care for the natural environment. The connection between all creatures and a symbiotic existence is exemplified through River Mates.

Great Blue Heron, Turtle, Fish
Bronze, Edition of 18

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About Tim Cherry

Tim produces sculptures which not only attract the viewers eye but also the viewers hand. Born in Calgary, Alberta in 1965, Tim grew up in Nelson, a town located among the rugged Canadian Rockies in southeastern British Columbia. This is where he developed a love of wildlife and the outdoors. Escaping into the wilds was then, and still is, a spiritual experience. At sixteen Tim began working summers as a cook and wrangler for a hunting outfit, which took him into the wilderness country of northern British Columbia. By the time Tim was eighteen he was guiding his own clients on two week trips. The next twelve years saw Tim working with other outfitters who ventured further into the vast expanses of the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

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Tim Cherry